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What Is Stress

What Is Stress And How Is Stress Caused

We live in an ever-changing world. The constant changes that our bodies and minds are put through because of this often accumulate and manifest themselves in a physical and emotional way. Stress itself isn't a bad thing. It can increase alertness and awareness as well as improve many of our senses and it can also bring excitement and happiness. However, too much stress can be seriously detrimental to our health. It is important that we all ask ourselves the question - what is stress doing to us?

Symptoms Of Stress

Some of the physical problems associated with stress include ulcers, stomach upsets, insomnia, high blood pressure and heart disease to name just a few. The emotional problems of stress can be just as damaging ad the physical ones. Distrust, anger, sorrow and fear are just some of the feelings we may suffer on a pronounced basis.

What Is Stress Management?

Stress management is basically any action that reduces stress to an acceptable level. There are many different techniques to aid in stress management and you will need to find the one that is most effective for you. This is very much a personal thing and while homeopathic remedies may work for one person, they may not for the next. Always remember that a level of stress helps to keep us fit so it is necessary to find the perfect balance between stressed and relaxed and then do everything possible to remain at that stage.

What Is Stress Excess And What Is Healthy

Possibly the most important step of stress management is the recognition that you are in actual fact, suffering from stress. Because of the mental symptoms associated with too much stress, you may not realise and could resent others for pointing it out to you. Find the things that are the most responsible for your stress and cut them out as much as possible, or at least limit your exposure to manageable chunks.

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