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Stress And Food Choices

What To Eat When You Have Stress

Many people are unaware of the full effects of stress. For instance, stress can cause us to abandon any healthy eating regime we have previously undertaken. In general, stress causes people to lose interest in most things and this includes eating, and more importantly preparing, a healthy diet. Comfort foods become a regular meal, and usually consist of sugars that provide a quick fix but long term detrimental effects. We also come to rely on stimulants because our body and mind feels lethargic and tired. It is always important to eat healthily but even more so when we are feeling stressed. Still it can be a good idea to buy stress relief products, nowadays a large variety is available.

Pills And Vitamins For Stress

There are many different pills and vitamins for stress, and most can be found in health stores, holistic remedy stores and even on the shelves in supermarkets. Finding one that actually works is more of a challenge. Concentrate on the ingredients that are included and try to select those that you know are effective against stress and any other symptoms you may be experiencing. Remember that your diet will usually suffer when you suffer from stress so vitamins may be needed to keep you healthy.

Herbal Stress Relief

Herbal stress relief is available in many different forms. Nutritional supplements and vitamins are sometimes pushed as being herbal stress relief but, apart from combating a poor diet or lack of appetite they may not produce the desired results in most cases. Popular herbal stress relief includes St Johns Wort, Feverfew and more. As well as being available in capsule form it is also possible to make natural teas using these stress relief herbs.

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