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Stress Management

The Vicious Stress Circle And How To Escape It Successfully

Stress has become an increasingly common problem in the modern world. As we work lStress Managementonger hours and spend less time relaxing we are also being forced to rely more and more heavily on convenience food and processed food. The lack of nutrients and vitamins causes us to be more lethargic, which in turn makes us more stressed. It is a vicious circle but only by answering the question of what is stress and what causes it can we begin to cope with the problem itself.

Common Causes Of Stress

There are many different causes of stress; some are common to many of us while others are very specific. Work is one of the leading causes of stress but family life, school and juggling all of these things together can also cause serious problems. Certain levels of anxiety and pressure are not only natural but they are actually healthy. However, when this anxiety reaches a certain point or we are placed under too much pressure this is when stress kicks in and it is time to think about stress management techniques.

How Does Stress Affect Health?

Stress is more than just a mental thing and can have any one of numerous adverse effects on our health. It is linked to 6 of the most common causes of death and is responsible for over three quarters of all visits to the physician. Daily stress can be a combination of job stress, school stress and family stress or it could be related to one particular incident.

Stress Management

Time stress is a relatively new term, although the actual problem isn't that new. It is literally the streAvoid Stressss of time, or more accurately, not having enough time. Again, work and family life can contribute to this because it is a symptom of having too much to do and too little time to do it in. As with all forms of stress, it tends to lead to a lack of sleep through worrying about problems, a lack of interest in hobbies and feelings of lethargy and listlessness. These are comparatively mild symptoms and without managing stress levels through positive thinking, self-hypnosis, anti stress seminars and courses, or other relaxation techniques it can quickly take a hold of our lives.

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